Giving forward

Turn your donation into a challenge

Pay it forward and make a donation to Damian Joseph Yoga. I am so excited for this opportunity. Paying my respects by donating money will allow me the chance of helping others.

The simplest way to donate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to donate although I purchase your subscription for one of your services?

Donating is all by choice, it isn't mandatory whether you have purchased a subscription or not any donation amount is accepted via any one of our payment methods listed above.

How often should I donate?

You can donate as often as you desire, any and everyone is welcomed to participate in contributing, any amount is welcomed with gratitude.

Is donating limited only to yoga participants?

No, whether your one of our clients, or your a random stranger that I haven't met yet but you have been touched by our content/yoga sessions and you feel the desire to give forward you are more than welcome to donating.